Special Surf for Special Surfers ...
Surf lessons to autistic or mentally handicapped children and young people.

Surfing Life Club has established with AAJDUDE  and RUMO A VIDA APPC and with APPDA a special project of social inclusion and therapy with young people with mental disabilities and autism, thus opening a new activity to this surfing population as a therapy.

It is a pioneering social work, called SURF SPECIAL, which has been in existence for several years and consists of adapted surfing, with the aim of integrating people with different types of disabilities, giving possibilities and technical support for surfing appropriate, targeted and safe.

Sport plays a fundamental role in the life of the disabled completing and expanding the alternatives for the stimulation and development of the physical, psychological and social aspects.

For the execution of the project, different teaching methods are applied.

In the first stage, classes will be taught in the swimming pool, in addition to the first contacts with the equipment in the water, different teaching methods are applied.

The second stage is at sea, where young people go with all the equipment (isothermal suits and boards), all this with all the safety support of rescue techniques, surf coaches and therapy assistants.

It is worth mentioning that we obtained the BPI training prize for the surfing activity with the institution AAJUDE (Association of Support for Deprived Youth) in 2012.

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