The functional training at Surfing Life Club is a set of exercises aimed to surfers, where the main goal is the physical condition.

We offer indoor and outdoor exercises, with the purpose of enjoying the beach, the promenade and the city park!

Surfing requires good physical, emotional and mental control. In this classes, techniques are used that meet these needs. An alternative for the physical preparation of surfers and that today can also be used by amateur practitioners is functional training. This training methodology aims to develop the most important physical abilities in the practice of the modality, giving priority to exercises that are similar to the movements characteristic of the sport and also, to develop the musculature of the core region, which is considered the force development center of the body.

We offer training sessions, based on functional training, that can be used in the physical preparation of surf, for both athletes and amateurs. It is intended that the surfer, with the functional training improves their physical preparation in order to achieve the improvement of their performance at sea.

What are the benefits?

- Improved body awareness by avoiding injuries during actual practice;
- Improved flexibility, posture, balance, motor coordination, concentration, breathing and self-mastery;
- Strengthening of the specific muscles involved in the practice of surfing (deep and superficial);
- Greater agility, greater flexibility, motor coordination and improved performance in surfing.

Who can practice?
- All those who are in good health and want to improve their performance or prepare physically and mentally to surf.


- Monday - 6:30 pm (maximum 6 people)
- Thursday - 6:30 p.m. (maximum 6 people)
-There is possibility of creation of new schedules, being that, we will have a minimum number of 2 people. Also giving the possibility of private lessons (PT classes).

Note: Sports insurance and enrollment in SLC compulsory in the purchase of the first pack or tuition fee: € 30 (valid for 1 year)


4x per month €40
8x per month €60