Rental of surfing material

Surfing Life Club has the best surfing material to rent. Surfboards with different sizes, hardboards / hardboard with soft top board / soft board, isothermal suits 4/3 3/2 and short suits, streps.


- Discounts to students provided with proof by student card/Erasmus.

- Surf Menu includes bodyboard fins.

Surfboard or Wetsuit

1 Hour €5
2 Hours €10
1/2 Day €15
1 Day €20
7 Days On Request

Surfboard + Surfing Suit

1 Hour €10
2 Hours €15
1/2 Day €20
1 Day €25
7 Days On Request






Surfing Life Club has the ideal solution to keep your board and suit safe and free of worries.

- Boards: 20€/month
- Wetsuits: 15€/month
- Board and wetsuit: €25/month





Other Services

Baths | Wardrobe | Keys

Now you can take a hot bath after your surfing. At our school you can equip yourself and save your clothes and / or car keys while enjoying the waves of the fantastic beach of Matosinhos.

Shower Room:
- €0.60 each
- €4/month (hot water - indoor)

Advice of technical material:

You don’t know which material is right for you? Ask our opinion, we can have the solution and the best price!

For more information consult the rental regulations in Terms & Conditions.

Sale of Surf Equipment:

- NEW with 30% to 50% discount (multiple brands).

- USED we sell diverse material, from the activity of the school, students and clients in general that leave their material for sale to the consignment in the school (it says by how much it sells your material and if it is negotiable the price, it fills a sales form of material made available by the school)

Repair of surfboards and surfboards:

Leave your board at school to repair (ask for a quote and fill out a repair form provided by the school).